Calling all Piano Teachers!

Learn the joy, techniques and curriculum for teaching toddler's the wonders of music!

  • Develop your skills as a music teacher
  • Learn the techniques and syllabus for teaching toddlers
  • Find joy in your work if you’ve fallen out of love with teaching
  • Receive step-by-step lesson plans and guidance
  • Discover how to nurture a love and talent for music in children, early in their journey
  • Experience amazing results and inspire miracles through music
  • Teach with confidence and ease
  • Increase your income

Hello, my name is Ping and over my 20 years of teaching music and training music teachers, I developed a syllabus and program for teachers to teach toddlers from 15 months – 4 years old, with confidence and proven effectiveness.

Not only is it refreshing for music teachers once they experience the enthusiasm and growth of teaching toddlers, but it provides children with a solid foundation in music that stays with them throughout their educational journey and life.

It is my mission to help you bring back the joy in teaching and nurture children’s talent from a young age!

The baby-music training program includes a full teaching pack, with lesson plans and training workshops carried over May 3rd, 4th and 5th.

What the training covers:

A teaching pack:

· Music scores

· baby music syllabus containing a 9-month program

· Training book

· Baby music student book

· 2 baby music story books

Hands-on training workshops (over 3 days):

· An orientation into baby music and how to teach effectively

· The modules of baby music – the theoretical understanding

· Hands-on training activities covering the 33 lesson plans

· Interactive sessions where you learn to teach the program using proven techniques and methodology

What the syllabus covers

· Detailed weekly lesson plans that span 9 months

· High engagement and interaction techniques

· A holistic program that starts from the basics of pitch and tone all the way to sight reading and playing a song

· A transferable methodology that works with any age group (learning baby music will improve your teaching methods as a whole)

What you learn to teach:

· An ear for music – by the end of the program they will know how to identify composers, different instruments and pitch
· Sight read musical notes – they will become familiar with the musical staff and recognise notes and play their first song
· Timing and rhythm – a combination of activities involving movement, clapping and storytelling, the children will learn rhythm and pulse
· Sight singing – Using do, re, mi and song cues, the children will develop their singing skills and tone
· Emotional awareness – through song choice and expression exercises, the children become attuned at how different music can elicit different emotions creating a deeper connection and awareness with self and music
· Understanding instruments – over the program the children will become familiar with different instruments and be able to identify between them
· Classical Composers – perhaps most impressive is how the children are able to discern between Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. Classical music plays a significant role in the program and the children become familiar with the different composer styles

The culmination of the program leads to the child being able to sight-read and play a melody on the keyboard, building a strong and confident foundation for the child that will stay with them throughout their musical journey.

Develop your career and teaching tool box!

May 3 - May 5, 2016
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